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The Pegasus Bros Ride Again! w/ Moses Nesh and Kristin Larkin

The legendary Pegasus Bros, a.k.a. Rayvon and George Pettis, are reuniting for ONE NIGHT ONLY at the legendary Kimbro's Pickin' Parlor! Moses Nesh and Kristin Larkin are joining them in the fight for freedom and justice! Are you stressed worrying about how to be an ethical consumer in a capitalist society? Who cares! Come drink some beers and enjoy some music you ding dong! Life is chaos, music is truth, alcohol is delicious, and friends are nice things to have.


RAYVON PETTIS: Acid-Americana from Northeast Alabama's weirdest son.

MOSES NESH (Atlanta): American-Primitive soul-wrenching Appalachian song-stories.

KRISTIN LARKIN: Honest and melodic country-folk from one of Nashville's finest.

GEORGE CHRISTIAN PETTIS (Olympia, WA): Bedroom folk minimal pop songs from Rayvon's lil commie-ass brother.


5 bucks
Show will start. on. time.
Show up
Don't throw up
Have fun