"From Across The Pond" Live At Kimbro's
to Aug 18

"From Across The Pond" Live At Kimbro's

We are so excited about this one. Over a year ago, a couple from Wales walked into a Kimbro's writers night and completely blew away the crowd with their amazing harmonies and wonderful music. They are Gethin Fon and Glesni Fflur. I call them the River Tramps of Wales. Well geuss what! They are coming back to the states in August and we have planned a very special evening of music featuring them, River Tramps, Rossi!, and Kristin Larkin. Mark your calendars and do not miss this event! Let's show them what southern hospitality is all about and make this an awesome evening! So to our kimbro's family, come on out and tell all your friends too!

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